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GM Character Tool 3 is a character generator that assists users of the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game Hârnmaster in creating, managing and storing characters.

Hârnmaster is a fantasy game that emphasizes character development and combat realism using an unique interactive skill system.

GM Character Tool 3 supports Harnmaster 3 (HM3), the latest version of the Harnmaster rules from Columbia Games. Character Tool 3 may also be used in conjunction with Harnmaster Core (HMC), although some adaption needs to be done.
  • Random generation of almost fully-developed characters, ranging from inexperienced farmers to veteran knights and priests or Shek Pvar (mages).
  • Major or Minor characters may be created depending on need for more or less detail.
  • Export and import of major characters allow for sharing of characters between Player Character Tool 3 and GM Character Tool 3.
  • Groups - allows the user to sort characters into groups for easy overview. Main characters may be cloned to allow for quick creation of adversaries.
  • Combats cards in color or black and white may be printed with critical combat information displayed.
  • Battle list with characters (including cloned characters) in Initiative order, displaying critical combat information and space for noting injuries and status.
  • Skills, spells, rituals, equipment, steeds , etc., are configurable.
  • Each character can use multiple steeds.