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Player Character Tool will be discontinued after version 3.2.6. Player Character Tool license holders will be upgraded to GM Character Tool when next upgrade is available.

Player Character Tool 3
is a scaled down version of Gamemaster Character Tool 3, a character generator that assists users of the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game Hârnmaster in creating, managing and storing characters.

Hârnmaster is a fantasy game that emphasizes character development and combat realism using a unique interactive skill system.

Player Character Tool 3 supports Harnmaster 3 (HM3), the latest version of the Harnmaster rules from Columbia Games. Character Tool 3 may also be used in conjunction with Harnmaster Core (HMC), although some adaption needs to be done.

Player Character Tool 3 is the same as the Gamemaster version with four exceptions:
  1. No random generation of characters
  2. Simplified Character overview
  3. Minor characters not available
  4. Groups view not available