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Free upgrades are included in the price of commercial products until a major revision is made (e.g., 1.x.x to 2.x.x).

Please note that owners of Character Tool 1 can upgrade to the latest version of Character Tool 2 at no cost!

Q: My application recently (april 2010) stopped working
A: After the latest Java upgrade (Version 6 build 1.6.0_20-b02) a plugin required for Character Tool 3 stopped working properly, causing problems when opening the application - it will fail almost right away, and then quit. Download the latest plugin from here, and replace the file “360Works_ScriptMaster.fmx” in the Extension folder of the application (currently only Character Tool) with the new file.

Q: My Filemaker runtime (HCT, HCM etc.) doesn't work under Windows A: This could be due to the file-path being to long. Try to make the enclosing folder name shorter, or move the folder containing the files "up" in the file path. Do not rename the files in the folder.

Q: Nothing happens when clicking the executable when running OSX10.3 A: This is not verified 100%, but it seems that the operating system doesn't see the executable as an application, so clicking the executable ("Harn Character Tool" or "Campaign Manager") doesn't do anything. But by clicking the main data-file (Harn Character Tool.USR or Campaign Manager.USR) the runtime is called upon and executed.

Q: I get "Graphics.USR could not be found and is required…" all the time. Why is that? A: This is currently only a problem on Windows computers for Character Tool. When the application is started the very first time, it needs to know where one or more of the databases are located. After finding the file, in most cases "Graphics.USR", the application should find the other files without asking. At the very most, the application should ask for the location of any one of the included USR files only once.

Q: Typefaces seems jagged and illegible in Mac OSX A: To get readable typefaces in OSX 10.3 and upwards, open up System Preferences, and select the Appearance settings under personal. In the bottom of the window, set "Turn of font smoothing…" to 6 or lower.