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Manual revision date: September 22, 2009

Character Tool 3 is a character generator that allows for creating, managing, storing and printing of Characters created using the roleplaying system Hârnmaster 3.

Character Tool is available in two versions - the Gamemaster version and the Player version. Player Character Tool 3 is the same as Gamemaster Character Tool 3 with the following main exceptions:
  1. No random generation of characters.
  2. The Character overview is simplified.
  3. The Minor Characters view is not available.
  4. The Groups view is not available.
In the manual, Character Tool 3 will be used as common name for both the GM and the Player version.

The following pages will describe each section of the application. but there are a number of icons that has the same functionality. For all sections except the Minor NPC’s section and the Groups section the below list will be shown below the main application icons.

The current active character is shown, in this case the Khala-Morvrin. Also, there is a simple dice roller to the right - it is possible to define the dice formula using xDy+z, where x and y is a integral larger than 0 and z is a positive or negative integer. The result is rolled for by clicking on the dice icon ( ).

Below is a description of each individual icon:
Go to previous character
Go to next character
Create new Major character using the current settings
Create new Minor character using the current settings
Delete the current character
Duplicate the current character
Zoom in on the window
Zoom out of the window
Go to printing
Send a bug report.