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The Player version of Character tool contains limited information compared to the GM version.

At the bottom , selecting the “Age character one year” button will add one years of experience to the character, adding skill ML as well as opening new skills according to the rules. The birthdate of the character will be pushed back one year. Finally, selecting the “Create empty major character” button will create a new character but without randomizing.

The section is split into two different views which are described below.

1. Character overview
This tab provides a quick overview of a selected character. The attributes, skills, weapons and armour are summarized.

2. Character details
This tab provides a detailed view of the characters Birth/Family, Medical, Psyche, Appearance, etc.
All the information is editable. Some of the entries may be randomized by selecting the Dice icon () after the entry field. Changing an attribute will immediately impact the skills depending on that attribute.

The section Character properties shows character properties, including an unique character identifier in the upper right corner of this section.