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This section shows background information for a Shek Pvar character such as Primary convocation, ran, teachers and peers etc. It also lists the convocational skill base and ML as well as a list of spell books.

All spells/Fyvria/Jmorvi/Lyahvi/Neutral/Odivshe/Peleahn/Savorya
These tabs shows all of the spells a character has learned,  where each convocation has it’s own tab with only the corresponding spells listed.

To add a spell to the list of spells known by the current character, select a spell in the lower part of the window in anyone of the spell-tabs and then select “Add spell to character”. To edit spell information such as ML etc., select the spell in a list of spells and edit the information. In the lower right corner the currently memorized spell levels is displayed.

Spell description
The last tab displays a description of each spell, as described in the rules.