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Combat Factors & Penalties
This section shows Combat factors, penalties and injuries for a character. Penalties are calculated depending on amount of carried equipment and armour. There is a part for Special penalties - the penalties listed here does not impact ML’s etc. automatically.

The load summary shows how much the character is carrying depending on what set is selected. A set is a specific selection of armour, equipment, weapons, written works and esoteric objects - there may be up to three different sets for each category. A set could, for example, be the type of gear worn when in a city and another set the type of gear used in the wilderness. Also, there are a number of lines available for things that don’t fit into the five categories. Total weight is recalculated automatically as well as Encumbrance penalty.

This section lists all weapons the character masters. A weapon may be part of a set, as discussed in the Combat Factors & Penalties section. To add a weapon, select the last row in the list and start typing the name of the weapon you require. If the weapon is listed in the Weapon settings, then the weapon stats will be entered automatically. Character Tool will attempt to enter the ML of an appropriate skill in the ML column for each weapon - see Settings/Armour and Weapons to specify which skill is connected to which weapon.

If no ML is listed this could be due to no appropriate skill being entered in the skills section - it is possible to set the ML manually by clicking on the ML entry. Entering a value which is zero or leaving the field empty will substitute the ML with the corresponding skill ML (if any) - a value larger than zero will override the corresponding skill ML.

AML and DML will be calculated automatically for the weapon. The A/D column is required to be on the format “AML/DML” (e.g. 10/5).

At the bottom, the weight of each set is shown as well as the currently active set (as seen in the Load summary).

Armour details
This section lists all carried armour pieces. To add a armour piece, select the last row in the list and type in the Material first. After this, select the Name field and select from a list of available pieces depending on the Material selection.

When a valid Material and Name combination has been selected, the Coverage field will be entered automatically based on data in the Armour settings as well as the weight of the piece. The weight is shown with the Size factor taken into account. It is also possible to enter an Esoteric Level as well as a Armor Quality for each piece.

It is possible to override the fields, entering other values than those available in Settings. In order for the Area protection calculation to work, the coverage must use the armour piece names defined in the rules, and be separated by a space character.

At the bottom, the weight of each set is shown as well as the currently active set (as seen in the Load summary).

There are a number of predefined armour profiles (defined in Settings) - by selecting a profile in the bottom of the window, it is possible to replace the current listed armour pieces with a predefined list.

Armour area protection
This section lists the cumulative protective values (Blunt, Edged, Pointed and Fire) for the currently active set. To update this section, select the Update compound armour button. Although it is possible to edit each area manually, it is recommended that this is done automatically.

The protective values for each material type is specified in the Armour & Combat settings.